The way we distribute our produce is the key to how we show God’s love and truly connect with people. Throughout the harvest season we pick, pack, and deliver all in the same night. As the produce comes in from the fields, some of our volunteers pack bags and others pick up the bags and deliver them into the community.

            The unique way Impact Harvest connects with our community is by not picking the recipients of our produce ourselves – we leave that up to our volunteers. Every volunteer is allowed to choose 4 families they know who are in need or with whom they would like to share the love of God. They will then deliver to those families throughout the harvest season. Once a family is picked we ask the volunteer to continue to deliver to that family, unless they opt out of receiving our produce. This allows time for relationships to develop as well as showing that we are continually thinking of the people in our community. It is through this process that we believe people will truly experience God's love.

Distribution coordinator: Valerie Behrens 

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