The engines of Impact Harvest are our farms. Our mission is to share the love of God by giving only the best produce we grow on our farms. We take great pride in only using organic fertilizers and NOT using any chemicals. We want our recipients to enjoy the very best because God wants nothing less for them. It's also a great joy to be able to let people go through our fields and eat directly from our plants.

            Our farming process is in place to support our distribution center and food bank. All produce that is not used by our distribution center or food bank gets delivered to other local food banks and homeless shelters. We give away 100% of our produce. 


Our farming process is nothing short of the best we can give. Over the years we have invested in ways to grow more with less – less labor and less headache. We have invested in equipment that allows us to put down plastic mulch and use drip irrigation. These systems help reduce weeds and bring water and fertilizer directly to the root system of our plants. This both reduces labor and saves a lot of water since we only use what the plants need. 


Impact Harvest operates two farms, located in Buena, NJ and Hammonton, NJ, for a total of about 10 acres. Throughout the season, local farmers will help by donating their extra produce to us that we then turn around and give to our community.


As you can see in this photo, the plastic we use keeps our fields very clean and easy to maintain. At the end of every year we pull up and recycle 100% of the plastic. This cover also allows us to fertilize directly through the watering system that we have installed underneath. This makes sure the nutrients go directly to the root system where they are easily absorbed by the plants. Another great advantage is that our volunteers never have to come into contact with the fertilizer that we use. (Even though we only use organic fertilizer it doesn't always smell very good.)

All of our plants are either started in our greenhouse from seed or seeded directly into the ground. By starting in a greenhouse we are able to start growing plants 4 to 8 weeks before the season begins, allowing us to start harvesting much earlier in the season.