How we farm.


We have been asked many times over the years how we do the things we do. Below you will see some of the techniques we use to grow and maintain our plants on the farm.

We use a plastic mulch layer to keep weeds down and to help us control watering to the root system of the plants. It repels rain and warms the ground allowing for the plants to grow faster and with less disease.

Here we are using a water wheel. It is designed to place holes in the plastic as well as water the the hole before planting when used with a planter machine. It keeps the spacing even and straight.

Here you can see how we grow our strawberries. In addition to plastic mulch we also use a plastic weed barrier fabric on the sides of the row. This allows us to keep them in the ground for a couple of years without having to deal with weeds. It also allows for good water runoff.

Seedlings being started in our greenhouse in early March. They take 6 to 8 weeks to mature before they can go in the ground in mid May when the ground is warm enough.