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We are all one in Christ Jesus our Lord


We can’t succeed without you

Because we are a Christian non profit organization that stands on the truth of the gospel as the primary reason we exist, our resources are limited to those who share the same values as us. To receive funding from the government or most corporate entities we would have to make this a secondary part of who we are or hide it all together. However, that is not what we stand for and instead believe that God is willing to provide for all our needs. We are to be about our Father business first and foremost and seek first the kingdom of God. We trust that in doing that he will provide all our needs as we seek to glorify him. 

In doing this we want to invite local churches that share the same heart as us, to take part in these kingdom blessings. There are no church’s that should be operating in and of themselves as we are all one body in Christ Jesus our Lord. So we would like to ask if you would consider joining us on this journey to reach lost souls right here in our own backyard? The Lord has opened an effective door to share the gospel in Millville NJ and we are seeing many respond to the good news, but we need your help and support to keep this going and help these souls get plugged into local fellowships that will care for them well.

So would you consider partnering with us through a monthly donation of at least $100 a month and joining us in the outreach by sending people with a heart to reach the lost?

We would be willing to come and share with your fellowship on any given Sunday or provide literature to hand out. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information as we would love to talk with the leaders of your church to better help you reach the lost in our communities.

Contact Pastor Harry Behrens at 856-690-9397 or email:

Wheat Field

Please consider becoming a recurring donor. 

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