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Impact Harvest Farms

We have been farming since 2010, growing produce to give to families in need. Over the years we have partnered with local farmer who do a much better job at growing produce. We receive produce from them through donations and wholesale purchasing. This allows us to focus more on the mission of giving. With that said, we still have a working farm. Our attention has shifted to greenhouse growing which helps sustain us financially. We are also able to donate plants to community gardens and help home gardeners by providing affordable plants for their gardens. This year we are expanding into wholesale for small retailers and homesteaders. Many of the large wholesalers won't touch this market and we believe there is a great need here. In doing this we are helping each other. 

Below is our current wholesale pricing list. Orders are open till January 30th when we will stop taking wholesale orders. $100 deposit is required and $100 minimum order. All wholesale pricing is based on 24 cell tray counts. Plants will be ready for delivery by first week of May. Tray size and timing can be adjusted at time of order. This will change the price and could have an effect on plant size as well. 

We will be open for retail sales last week of April. 

Wholesale pricing list

24 cell trays 

Orders need to be placed by phone so we can discuss varieties and any special requests. Below is a chart to help you with pricing. Depending on the variety chosen it can greatly effect price. Our current prices are based off seeds we typically grow. Some organic seeds can get very pricy.

Please text 856-690-9397 and talk to Harry about orders. 


$10 Tomato 

$12 Peppers

$12 Cantaloup

$24 seedless watermelon 

$14 watermelon with seed

$10 cilantro 

$10 Basil

$10 Parsley

$10 Sage

$10 Rosemary

$12 cucumber

$12 Zucchini 

$10 Romaine 

$10 Spinach

$10 Kale
$10 Arugula 

Strawberry plants minimum order 50 = $100

$2 each 


100 plants or more = $150 

$1.5 each

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