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Changing Communities one seed at a time


Have You received Produce from us?

If so, please visit our community page.

Founded in 2011, Impact Harvest is a christian nonprofit organization aimed at bringing fresh produce to food insecure areas with the purpose of sharing the love of Jesus and the message of salvation. All the produce we distribute comes from local farms that have partnered with us and share the same passion. Our goal is to expand into as many communities as God allows.


Wheat Field

New In 2024


$24 a month for 2024

Every little bit counts. If we can get 95 people to give just $24 a month we will be fully funded. It takes a community to change a community. Of course we need volunteers but nothing moves without $$$ and we all know that. If you believe in what our organization stands for please consider giving even just a little every month. For more information click below.


Distribution will start in June of 2024 and will take place In Millville, NJ. If you are interested in heping us this year by volunteering please click the button below to Join our email list.

Local Churches

When the church works together we succeed together. Impact Harvest is a central hub for local churches to work together on mission. We provide you with everything needed to reach the lost with the gospel. We have a method that has been proven to work for over 15 years and we offer believers a way to get equipped for a successful outreach. 

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